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Customer support

We spend time to get to know our customers. We assess your needs together, rather than us coming in with assumptions that may not apply to you. When you need technology, we will work to ensure it serves you within available resources.

Once equipment has been installed and set up, our focus shifts to supporting you with your new systems. This includes:

  • Remote monitoring of networks and equipment
  • Regular maintenance and updates
  • Timely and cost-effective remote support
  • Training tailored to each customer's specific situation in Windows and Office Word, Excel and Outlook or iOS (Apple)

We will go to our customers as swiftly as possible with tools and equipment to resolve issues when this is the best plan. Since we understand the cost of downtime to businesses, we work very hard to prevent it and to minimize it when it occurs.

Windows Hardware and Software

We sell, install, service and support all generations of Windows desktops, laptops and servers. 

We have been working with Windows since the Win 98 days, and now we forge ahead with Windows 10.

We also support Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Adobe, cloud products and all other Windows-based software.

Network Infrastructure

This is the underlying infrastructure of a computer network consisting of cabling, switches, routers, Internet connectivity, wireless technology and power supply necessary to reliably connect computers and servers. This important foundational work is often overlooked, and the result is poor system performance and downtime.

We place a strong emphasis on the importance of quality equipment, design, installation and ongoing support.

IP Cameras

Video surveillance is becoming a more common and important way to secure facilities, provide remote monitoring and historical video of buildings, equipment, tools and people. We provide systems from small, single-camera setups to multi-site camera systems able to provide remote viewing and 30+ days of recorded video.

We are a partner of Axis Camera systems, widely considered to be the premier IP camera system available. We have been trained at their facility in Massachusetts, and we continue to expand our knowledge and capabilities in this area to meet client needs.

Mobile Devices

The widespread use of mobile devices has impacted almost all of us. Blue Maple integrates mobile devices into our own daily workflow, and are able to help our customers do the same.

We fully support smart phones and tablets using iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems.


An essential tool for many businesses and individuals, we support, install and maintain QB systems, including complex multi-user systems with dedicated QB servers.

Project Management

Always important, project management the coordination and installation of Internet services. Blue Maple can coordinate with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to determine the best service, where and when it gets installed and verify all is working before the installers leave the premises. 

We can also assist with new construction and restoration of existing buildings with respect to cabling, equipment location and layout. 

Wireless Networking

With the proliferation of mobile devices and wireless equipment, WiFi networks are now a substantial portion of our business. We design and deploy networks ranging from the smallest home wireless router to large, multi-location systems supporting business-critical processes.

We also install systems for marinas, and enjoy these interesting, challenging projects with variables like larger areas, hundreds of connected users, rising and falling tides and difficult physical access. 

For most applications we use a very capable system made by Ubiquiti Networks called UniFi.  These are reliable & capable systems that have cloud-based management we can use remotely to monitor, update and maintain your system, as well as help alter you to any upcoming threats or problems so you can protect yourself and your business. We currently have over 30 of these systems deployed in the local area.


Security continues to grow in importance, but it is actually a much broader concern than most people realize. Proper security includes the obvious virus and malware protection and cleanup, but it also includes:

  • The physical and power systems, routers and firewalls designed to protect your entire network
  • Backup systems to protect and recover data
  • Best practices for users and companies 

This area of technology is subject to significant, rapid change that makes almost daily headlines of data breaches, revealed vulnerabilities and hacks. We use a variety of tools to find, clean up and fix infections and malware and protect systems from all types of risks.


Despite the ever-increasing use of instant messaging and social media, email continues to be a critical system for today’s businesses and individuals. We install and support a wide range of email systems and clients, from a single Gmail account on a single device to a large in-house exchange server supporting many users with multiple and remote devices.

We support a wide variety of platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and iOS email clients, Microsoft Exchange servers and Rackspace hosted email.


Our vendors, suppliers and partners

We Supply



IP cameras


Premier Partner for desktops, laptops and services



Hosted email



Enterprise backup systems


Windows Operating Systems, Office & cloud products


On-premise and cloud security software



Cloud backup



Network monitoring systems


Network equipment including WiFi, routers/firewalls, wireless Point-to-Point links

VM Ware

Virtualization technology for servers


Something for Symantec


We Partner

Fortress Network Solutions/Coactive Technologies, Kennebunk, Maine. 

Enterprise networking and support.  



Heriz-Smith, Inc

Solutions and serviSomeces for business and home computers, Apple & Mac systems



LCI Fiber

LCI Fiber Optic Network